After all the things in life I have experienced and conquered, why is it so difficult for me to tell others what I am about? I am a living, breathing paradox of shyness and success spiced with an overwhelming desire to follow my impulses. I guess I owe a lot to my parents for subjecting me to a variety of stimuli in my early years. It all started with my incessant tendency to understand why and how things work. At the age of seven my parents had to surgically remove me from the family piano. What was it that intrigued me about this old player piano that never worked? I can remember exhibiting the ability to formulate melodies and chords at a young age without any instruction, but yes, I was also attracted to the mechanics and musty odor of the pianos inner workings. My life has been an approach-approach conflict of music versus mechanics with a tremendous lust for button pushing.

Through grade school, I studied clarinet with two gentlemen from the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra, but as a teenager, I began playing the electric bass in a variety of combos and dance bands. I enjoyed playing repertoire from the Beatles and The Beach Boys, but when I heard Jimmy Smith and Wes Montgomery, my musical views were changed forever. The inner conflict continued. I was playing rock with my buddies but secretly realizing that "it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing".

I continued on in a jazz vein and after graduating from Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio, decided to nurture my button-pushing tendencies by working as a computer programmer to pay the bills. I realize that I could have had a successful career in computer programming but my desire to "swing" won out and after ten years of computers, I changed course. When I wasn't performing, I was nurturing other interests that were surfacing right and left. I became a private pilot and a licensed ham radio operator; I am still very fond of both. My drive to learn and accomplish has never diminished and neither has my interest in the music industry. All through the 80's, I led a jazz fusion group called ‘Bout Time'. This group recorded an album on a national label, ITI Records of Los Angeles, Ca. This group shared billings with Spyro Gyra, Wynton Marsalis, Pieces of a Dream, Herbie Mann, Dianne Schur, and Tito Puente, among others.

After being awarded a scholarship by Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio, I continued my musical education, performing regularly with the college's Faculty Jazz Ensemble. While attending Central State, I had the good fortune of performing with Frank Foster, Booty Wood, Cecil Bridgewater, Nathan Davis, Clea Bradford, Bill Cunliffe, Vince Genova, John Toomey, Dave Remington, Alan Vezutti, Eric Zadan, Roger Cavender, Carmon Deleone, Gary Goetz, Tim Hagans, James Smith, Johnny Lytle, Paul Evoskevich, Bernie Dressel, Steve Barnes, Roy Meriwether, Jimmy McGary, Randy Villars and Kenny Poole.

Through all of this, don't think for a minute that the button-pushing, mechanical side of my personality didn't manifest itself. My love for sport flying, motorcycles, boating, radio controlled aircraft, and sound and recording equipment continued to function in the "background partition" of my mind's computer. To this day, I am addicted to fast bikes and boats…(btw my last boat clocked at 102 mph). My mother of eighty-six years reminds me about our many trips to amusement parks during my pre-adolescent years. To her disappointment, I was always to be found behind the Ferris wheel observing the motor and drive system rather than enjoying the ride with family and friends. Some habits are hard to break…I wonder if there is a twelve-step program for my syndrome, just possibly providing me some relief from the frustration caused by my lifelong vacillation between music and mechanics?

Once again following my button-pushing tendencies, I returned to academia and pursued my dream to fly the big ones. The dream I am referring to? Airline Transport Pilot. For years now, Captain David K. Spyridon has been "living the dream" and "missing the music". As a pilot, I added one more addiction to my list so that it reads: "fast bikes, boats, and airplanes". I can't say this has been bad for my health, as are most addictions, because flying jets for an airline has managed to pay the bills and keep that pesky musical side of me at bay………NOT! I realize now that I can't escape myself! This must be my astrological sign Gemini ("The Twins") at work here. Due to this inherent, insidious dichotomy, I realize that I have two career loves and must pursue them both!

My latest, and perhaps most satisfying venture is the formation of Greene Glen Productions. The members of our company include my dear wife Angela, and one of my close, long-term friends, Randy Villars, one of the most talented musicians on the planet. What more could I want? Buttons, mechanics and music…As regards Greene Glen Productions, all the prerequisites for success are present: We are talented, passionate, sensitive, and experienced people who are focused on achieving some pretty lofty goals in the music industry. Our docket includes composing and producing original music for film, television, and radio. We're also going to remember to have a lot of fun along the way!

David K. Spyridon, Founder
Greene Glen Productions




3955 St. Rt. 370    Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387    937.767.7898    info@greeneglenproductions.com


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