S O U N D T R A C K   S A M P L E S

 "Beyond Love 

(Randy Villars, composer) - The Purina company sponsored a documentary about 'Dove Lewis', the largest veternary clinic in the US located in Portland , Oregon .  Randy wrote a 1 minute composition to underscore a scene with a family at the clinic with their Golden Retriever dying of a cancerous tumor. This documentary aired on WGN cable television last year.

   Wonderland Demo 1   (Ben Devine, composer)
Wonderland Demo 2   (Ben Devine, composer)
Wonderland Demo 3   (B

(Ben Devine, composer) - Ben composed these music demos for a local film maker.  Film called 'Wonderland'.

   Greene Glen Productions - Music score composed by Randy Villars

   Ballet Mechanique - Composed by Randy Villars    



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